Monday, October 20, 2008

The Butterfly of the Tree Luna

In 1997, watching my favourite tv news, "el telediario de La 2 en TVE" (presented by Lorenzo Milá), I saw something in the usual "no comment" section (this section usually showed amazing images of nature and environment; that news was really green). Well, I saw a frigtened girl on the top of a very tall tree, an oak tree, who under a heavy rain made huge efforts so as not to fall down, as several excavator machines were trying to knock down the tree, which was moving from one side to the other; the news didn't give more information about it or I didn't catch it at all. Anyway, the bravery of just a girl trying to defence a big tree in some way kept in my heart, I don't think I'd have liked to be in her shoes, but of one thing I'm really sure, I would have liked to be there giving her all my support and courage.

Later, in May 2006, I knew about Joan Baez and Daryl Hannah sitting the trees of a big farm in L.A (California) trying to prevent them from cutting. By then, I wrote a post in my blog but I had no idea who was Joan Baez, now I know she's one the best beautiful voices that have sung themes as Where have all the flowers gone, No nos moverán, Gracias a la vida (the other day I listened to this one sang by her on the radio), so important in the late 60's social movement.

Then, I was searching about all this in the internet and I knew that behind that environmental fight was a girl called Julia Butterfly.Later on, I remembered the girl of so many years ago on the tree in the news, and exactly, that one was also Julia, Julia Butterfly Hill !

All the people who put life, health and well-being of nature and human beings before money, power and social status have my whole admiration.

We are, and me the first one, slaves of our own fears of being worst than we are, and we have put up with suffering for our most close nature. We are lost in a concrete forest, under the name of cities, towns, urban style, because we've forgot that the world is nature and that we are nature too.

All the information in wikipedia and youtube was not available by 2006. The pic above belongs to this site. I wanted to talk about Julia with information reported in videos that I've found at last, as "una imagen vale más que mil palabras" (an image is worth more than one thousand words).

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