Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy ways to download a YouTube video

   * Video :
 Method 1: Use an online tool, there are many in the internet, the better ones to me are... (java needed), (no java needed), shareyoutubevideo (no java needed)
Method 2: Every browser keeps a copy of everything you watch while surfing the internet in the Cache folder. First play the video and once it has stopped playing completely, go to that folder and locate the file, the size of the file can give you a clue. To watch the file just drag it over a good media player and that's all.
   * Mp3:
 The easiest way to download mp3 from a YouTube video is using an online tool. I recommend: shareyoutubemp3, I this post has been useful to you, will you invite me to a pizza or a chocolate shake?

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