Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to download videos from sites like Twitvid, Ustream...

   Some people will wonder: And why on earth you wanna download a video? Possible answer (in my case): Because I have a very slow dial-up connection that does not allow me to watch or listen any stream. 
   First check that you can watch the video, if you can watch it, you have it!
Method 1: Every browser keeps a copy of everything you watch while surfing the internet in the Cache folder. First play the video and once it has stopped playing completely, go to that folder and locate the file, the size of the file can give you a clue. To watch the file just grag it over a good media player and that's all.
Method 2: This one is more complicated and it does not work always. I've just tried it with success on Twitvid, and Ustream.
You need a http sniffer like URL Snooper, Free http sniffer (this works on Win 9x). I used Free http sniffer.
- Open the Free http sniffer and click "Start"
- Open the page with the video in your browser (only have open this page)
and play the video. Once the vidoe has started playing you can stop the video and even close the web page.
- On the http sniffer go to file --> save as text file.
- Open the text file and search for: .flv or .mp4, copy the URL and paste it on your browser, you should be able now to save the video.
* In Ustream the URL ends in .flv, in Twitvid it contains .mp4, but it ends in a few more numbers.
Method 3: For this one you should have a very good internet connection in order to watch streaming perfetly. You can use a Capture Screen Video Recorder, like AviScreen (free). Previously to the recording you must set the video to full screen.
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