Sunday, November 22, 2015

Open woman to the world

Source: wikimedia

Playing one of those old recorded videotapes, came across with a pair of performances of a TVE music program called "Música Sí". This one is from a duet called "Amistades peligrosas" whose female singer is Cristina del Valle, also an activist for women rights and peace around the world. The performance is from 1998. The song makes reference to all those women who are forced to wear a veil that covers their face and/or body against their willingness. Official video.
This song could be also a metaphor about all those women who suffer any kind of abuse, manipulation or discrimination by men.

Performance on tve: watch video
Quítame este velo

Voy dejando palabras en el viento
para que alguien oiga desde lejos mi lamento,
piso un suelo que algún día espero
sea diferente por todos los que ya han muerto


Y si callo, lágrimas... y si hablo, lágrimas....
y si callo, lágrimas... y si hablo, lágrimas, lágrimas...

Quítame este velo, porque quiero ver el cielo
romper el silencio, y poder hablar sin miedo.
Quítame este velo, porque lo deseo y quiero
ser igual que tú, sin vivir en un destierro

Vivo un tiempo tan confuso y pienso
que me quedo sin razones para comprenderlo,
¿por qué tengo que esconder un cuerpo,
no tener un nombre, ni el más mínimo derecho?


Quítame este velo, porque lo deseo, sola yo no puedo
quítame este velo,
que está matando mis sueños

Amistades peligrosas

Source: wikimedia

Translation by The Blogger Around

I am leaving words in the wind
for someone to hear my lament from afar
I step on a ground that I hope someday
will be different for all those who have already died


And if I am quiet, tears... and if I speak, tears....
And if I am quiet, tears... and if I speak, tears, tears...

Take away this veil because I want to see the sky,
to break the silence and speak without fear.
Take away this veil because I wish and want it,
to be like you, without living in an exile

I'm living such a confusing time and I think
that I run out of reasons to understand;
why do I have to hide a body,
not have a name, not even the slightest right?


Take away this veil because I wish, I can't by myself/alone
Take away this veil,
that it's killing my dreams


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