Thursday, April 28, 2016

Game of Thrones fans and the HBO Now issue: Fix

Not bein' a Game of Thrones follower, not even an hbo watcher, has not prevented me from realizing many fans of the series were not able to see the premier of the 6th season. A particular case was the following: after subscribing from an Android phone on the app via iTunes, it was not possible to watch on the computer (we are assuming via During my research to find a way that fixed this, I found out that most recent subscribers had a 'Renewal Loop' issue, and that HBO had just published some steps that could help to solve it.
A curiosity that Game of Thrones fans might want to know is that Season 5 and Season 6 has been filmed in Spain. Read report (language selector on page).

La Alcazaba in Almería becomes Dorne (Season 6). Source: twitter1, twitter2


How to subscribe:
The subscription to HBO Now is only available at the moment though iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets, and connected TVs). You must download an app. More info.
Note: When you don't have a phone at all... if you have a Windows PC, with Bluestacks it's possibble to install Android apps on a PC. Unknown if apps that need any kind of payment would work.

How to watch:
- Once you have subscribed, you should be able to watch via app or via browser on linked devices like computers (compatible devices).
- It's also possible to stream in multiple devices at the same time, more info
Note: You can also stream/mirror your Android screen to computer or tv set, via makeuseof, unknown if it works with hbonow.


New subscribers are experimenting:
No confirmation email from HBO. Signing into the "App" or "Online Site ("---> "Restart or Renew now for unlimited access" message. Source: reddit

Fix for Android devices:

Note: Follow these steps only if you have an active HBO NOW subscription (or a recently started free trial).

METHOD 1 (no need uninstall app & register again)

Sign in (Renew pops, close it) -> Settings -> Sign out-> Click 'I don't have account' (Don't enter info) -> Scroll to the bottom, Click "I have an account" -> login again

Source: Comment 134 via


Step 1: Remove and reinstall HBO NOW (info how here)

Step 2: Link your profile and subscription
- Open the HBO NOW app and sign in using your HBO NOW email and password.
- Tap the Menu button and then tap Settings.
- Scroll down and tap Sign Out.
- Tap "Don't have an account? Register here". If you don't see this option, make sure that you have an active HBO NOW subscription through Google Play (ingo how here).
- Tap Already have an account? Sign in.
- Enter the email address and password for your HBO NOW profile. Your HBO NOW profile and subscription should now be linked.

Step 3: If Steps above didn't resolve the issue, a little patience and...
Contact (Subject: Renewal Loop). Do not forget to include: Your HBO NOW email address, Your name, Your subscription provider (i.e. Apple iTunes or Google Play), What device(s) are you using. A copy of your subscription purchase receipt.


Fix for iOS devices and connected TV:
Read steps
here. Unofficial workaround by someone who got it to work on both iPod and Mac here

This would be a temporal fix while HBO gets their bugged app fixed. Hope this article may be useful to someone, and enjoy Game of Thrones!


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