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Friday, June 8, 2012

Celebrate what you have


   The tv spot of this Summer in Spain is "Celebra lo que tienes" (Celebrate what you have) by Mahou, a beer trademark. This spot has called my attention so much and I'm so excited about it that I've decided to translate it for you.

   "Now... now... no? Now we are downhill you come to conquer us. Let me tell you one thing: You don't know us! We, with very little, get ourselves up, because here everybody, absolutely everybody has a song... and every time it sounds, I don't know how, but... troubles disappear, that is magic! And we have friends who are not friends, they are brothers! And what you tell me about our football (soccer) team? Los Tocaínos (invented name)... We will never win the League, but I feel so proud of them when I see them dressed in shorts every Sunday. Besides, we have grandparents... do you know what is talking to them?... about whatever! And we have our home, the first bath of the summer, "flesh and bone" (real ones, you can touch) friends and facebook ones. We get excited with anything... to score a gol!... we have to cry of joy, to be wrong and be forgiven... the meetings at home, the favors... we have our Saturday Mahou (a beer mark)... So, you'd better go back the way you have come! (People cheers)"

   After talking about this spot in twitter, I looked at the sky and I had the most magical experince ever... Some day I will talk about it :)