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Monday, November 23, 2015

The way to forgiveness

We live in a world where resentment and revenge are part of the daily life: in the news, in social media, in the street... People who hurt, intentional or unintentionally, people who feel hurt and heartbroken... many times people, trying to defend ideas they consider are the best, feel hate towards those who don't agree or have other points of view, many times people fight with earch other or are unscrupulous and not kind.

The intention of this article is to give some light and hope when we feel hurt because of something, someone, or even because of ourselves. These are quotes, comments and words related to this topic I've come across through social media for the last four years. Forgiveness might have been introduced in the world by Jesus and became base of Christian religion together to Love. Some quotes and words by Pope Francis are included in this article as well.

Everybody that feels sorry, showing repentance and desire of being forgiven, deserves and must be forgiven. Love is the base of forgiveness.

"Eye by eye makes the whole world blind" - Ghandi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
- Dalai Lama via twitter (27 May 2013)

What is Love? "Love is acceptance and forgiveness" via twitter (20 Sep 2011)

This comment is very interesting too: "I have been teaching full time in China, Malaysia, Thailand, India and the Philippines for the past 8 years. I always ask my students which is greater, honesty or kindness. They always respond by saying that truthfulness is important, but so is kindness, placing it higher. This is Confucian philosophy", via jw blog

"God always forgives us. He never tires of this. It’s we who get tired of asking for forgiveness" - Pope Francis

"The cross of Christ: a word that is mercy, love, forgiveness" - Pope Francis

13 March 2015, radiovaticana -- Pope Francis: homily with announcement of Year of Mercy:
Lk 7:36-50 About love and judgment.
This woman expresses her desire of being forgiven. And Jesus demonstrates God’s love for her, just for her!
Love and forgiveness are simultaneous: God forgives her much, everything... For her, a new season now begins; she is reborn in love, to a new life.
There will be no judgment except that which comes from God, and this is the judgment of mercy.
Jesus pushes each of us never to stop at the surface of things, especially when we are dealing with a person. We are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see how much generosity everyone is capable. No one can be excluded from the mercy of God.

Guided Healing Meditation on Forgiveness: video (not checked) via huffingtonpost

"We are here to heal, not harm, We are here to love, not hate, We are here to create, not destroy" - A Douglas Williams.

"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love" - Bryant H. McGill

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mujeres Artistas por la Paz en Oriente Medio

Cristina del Valle is a spanish singer who had a great success as part of the duet Amistades Peligrosas (I liked a song titled "más trigo y más pan") and then she made a career as a solo.

A few years ago in 2002 she created la "Plataforma de mujeres artistas" (artist women platform) to support the fight against the violence that many women in Spain and in many other countries in the world suffer by her husbands or partners. They also carry out many solidarity initiatives in different countries (Sahara, Palestine, Afagnistan, Mexico-Ciudad Juarez, etc). This platform is formed by singers, actresses, writers, musicians, etc. I have to say that they have not only the support of women artists, but also by some men artists.

Since 2004, they are travelling every Christmas to Palestine to organize a Festival in favour of the Peace in Palestine. This year they will be performing again in a concert in Bethlehem on Christmas's Eve, Manger's Square (under the name "Mujeres Artistas por la Paz en Oriente Medio". They will be singing, reading poems, doing drama..., and artists from other countries as Sweden, USA, etc will be performing too.

Yesterday I listened to Cristina on the radio explaining all these things and she said that many people from different professions are also collaboratiing in many different ways. I think it's so great things like these are done to get the Peace and the union of all the countries in the world.


More information here

Picture from this site

Friday, May 16, 2008

When a wonderful world?

I had some reflections when Katrina hurricane destroyed a good deal of the always jazzy New Orleans, and about the paradox of the american soldiers killing in Irak instead of being where they should have at that moment in which their ameican citizens needed their so useful help.

What kind of an intelligent president is someone who thinks that the best way to finish with a diactatorship is by declaring war and destroying the country of that poor submited people? Don't they have the their famous intelligence services?; Wouldn't have they used a real intelligent strategy repecting international laws and human rights to save that people without destruction and no killing anybody?, Haven't they seen a spy film?

As all these reflections have not caducity date,

My proposal is:

- Let's stop making damage one another.

- Let's stop the war in Irak, and all the wars in the world.

- Let's stop, we riches countries to sell weapons to poor countries, so that they can kill each other better, meanwhile we are in our ranches, in our jachts, in our commercial centers buying and buying in an egoist way; let's stop hypocrisy.

- Let's join us to make life beautiful for everyone.

- Let's join to care for nature and to prevent people and things from suffering natural disasters.

- If every rich country take care for one poor country, they wouldn't flee from their homes risking their lives and they'd start to work and build up their own countries and, in that way, there would be just rich countries.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Amos Oz: The woman In the Window

I remember the speech the writer Amos Oz said in the ceremony of the Príncipe de Asturias Awards, where he was being awarded, it was a beautiful one titled "The woman in the window", I liked very much. It was about the story a woman looking through a window and waching everything happenig around: ..."The woman in the window might be a Palestinian woman in Nablus. She might be a Jewish Israeli woman in Tel-Aviv. If you want to help make peace between these two women in the two windows, you had better read more about them. Read novels, dear friends. They will tell you much."

I understood then that woman was like two at the same time, one Palestinian and the other Jewish Israeli, and the better thing of all was that both are quite quite similar, because both of them want peace, both of them need peace. I haven't read any novel by this writer yet, but from now on I will take his books into account.

If you wanna read the whole speech, I recommend it, you can read it in other languages and even listen to the original speech in hebrew: 2007 Prince of Asturias Awards Presentation Ceremony, Prince of Asturias Award for Letters:     

"The woman in the Window"  by Amos Oz.

Monday, November 27, 2006

When A World in Peace?

Last night, I watched a documentary on TV about the "It Had Never to Happen War In Irak", supported by the thoughts from great writers and best persons such as Saramago. One of the scenes was the one of american soldiers with their powerful dangerous guns going into the house of a irak family and making them going out of the house with their hands up and ordering them to kneel down on to the foot; you just had to see the terrorized crying suffering face of one of the little girls; then I started to cry deeply, wondering myself why we've let them do all this, and I wonder and I will keep wondering the existence of that dirty business of arms and bombs, just for the good of Humanity destruction. Who could have thought that in order to rescue a country you had to kill its people?; oh, I see, this is similar to another question: Who could have thought that in order to save a wood from fire you just had to cut all its trees down?

However, I wanna be optimistic, as I think a world with no arms factories, and no wars therefore, it is possible; just the day polititians and all humanity worry about health and respect to Human Being and Nature we will have a World in Peace.