Friday, May 16, 2008

When a wonderful world?

I had some reflections when Katrina hurricane destroyed a good deal of the always jazzy New Orleans, and about the paradox of the american soldiers killing in Irak instead of being where they should have at that moment in which their ameican citizens needed their so useful help.

What kind of an intelligent president is someone who thinks that the best way to finish with a diactatorship is by declaring war and destroying the country of that poor submited people? Don't they have the their famous intelligence services?; Wouldn't have they used a real intelligent strategy repecting international laws and human rights to save that people without destruction and no killing anybody?, Haven't they seen a spy film?

As all these reflections have not caducity date,

My proposal is:

- Let's stop making damage one another.

- Let's stop the war in Irak, and all the wars in the world.

- Let's stop, we riches countries to sell weapons to poor countries, so that they can kill each other better, meanwhile we are in our ranches, in our jachts, in our commercial centers buying and buying in an egoist way; let's stop hypocrisy.

- Let's join us to make life beautiful for everyone.

- Let's join to care for nature and to prevent people and things from suffering natural disasters.

- If every rich country take care for one poor country, they wouldn't flee from their homes risking their lives and they'd start to work and build up their own countries and, in that way, there would be just rich countries.

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