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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Game of Thrones fans and the HBO Now issue: Fix

Not bein' a Game of Thrones follower, not even an hbo watcher, has not prevented me from realizing many fans of the series were not able to see the premier of the 6th season. A particular case was the following: after subscribing from an Android phone on the app via iTunes, it was not possible to watch on the computer (we are assuming via During my research to find a way that fixed this, I found out that most recent subscribers had a 'Renewal Loop' issue, and that HBO had just published some steps that could help to solve it.
A curiosity that Game of Thrones fans might want to know is that Season 5 and Season 6 has been filmed in Spain. Read report (language selector on page).

La Alcazaba in Almería becomes Dorne (Season 6). Source: twitter1, twitter2


How to subscribe:
The subscription to HBO Now is only available at the moment though iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets, and connected TVs). You must download an app. More info.
Note: When you don't have a phone at all... if you have a Windows PC, with Bluestacks it's possibble to install Android apps on a PC. Unknown if apps that need any kind of payment would work.

How to watch:
- Once you have subscribed, you should be able to watch via app or via browser on linked devices like computers (compatible devices).
- It's also possible to stream in multiple devices at the same time, more info
Note: You can also stream/mirror your Android screen to computer or tv set, via makeuseof, unknown if it works with hbonow.


New subscribers are experimenting:
No confirmation email from HBO. Signing into the "App" or "Online Site ("---> "Restart or Renew now for unlimited access" message. Source: reddit

Fix for Android devices:

Note: Follow these steps only if you have an active HBO NOW subscription (or a recently started free trial).

METHOD 1 (no need uninstall app & register again)

Sign in (Renew pops, close it) -> Settings -> Sign out-> Click 'I don't have account' (Don't enter info) -> Scroll to the bottom, Click "I have an account" -> login again

Source: Comment 134 via


Step 1: Remove and reinstall HBO NOW (info how here)

Step 2: Link your profile and subscription
- Open the HBO NOW app and sign in using your HBO NOW email and password.
- Tap the Menu button and then tap Settings.
- Scroll down and tap Sign Out.
- Tap "Don't have an account? Register here". If you don't see this option, make sure that you have an active HBO NOW subscription through Google Play (ingo how here).
- Tap Already have an account? Sign in.
- Enter the email address and password for your HBO NOW profile. Your HBO NOW profile and subscription should now be linked.

Step 3: If Steps above didn't resolve the issue, a little patience and...
Contact (Subject: Renewal Loop). Do not forget to include: Your HBO NOW email address, Your name, Your subscription provider (i.e. Apple iTunes or Google Play), What device(s) are you using. A copy of your subscription purchase receipt.


Fix for iOS devices and connected TV:
Read steps
here. Unofficial workaround by someone who got it to work on both iPod and Mac here

This would be a temporal fix while HBO gets their bugged app fixed. Hope this article may be useful to someone, and enjoy Game of Thrones!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tips to enable Twitter email notifications that stopped coming

If you ever noticed that your twitter email notifications suddenly stopped arriving to your email account... check these tips.

Twitter settings

Go to: ... You must pay attention to 3 things:

1. "Smart setting" button:

It seems, since 2014, Twitter added this button, which may be turned on by default. "We've cut back the number of email we send to you about activity... to keep your inbox lean." Click: "Turn off smart setting" if you want to add back emails...
Many comments in twitter were aware of this issue:
- "Oh hey, @twitter. Did your "smarter email"... stop my email notifications, despite me having them selected?..." via twitter
- "So, the reason I’ve not been getting any email @twitter notifications last few days is they ‘upgraded’ to ‘smart’ settings & didn’t tell me" via twitter
- "@Twitter Since "Smart Settings" was rolled out, ALL email notifications have stopped; others reporting same bug, even w/ email enabled" via twitter
- "If anyone is wondering why their Twitter email notifications changed, check yr settings. They moved mine to "smart settings" for no reason" via twitter
- "Pro tip! Turn off the evil "smart" setting on your Twitter email notifications for your settings to actually apply" via twitter

2. Emails notifications turn on/off button:
The button, located on the top right of the page, must say "turn off" (which means it is turned on). In that way email is enabled.

3. Activity boxes
Check boxes... whatever email notifications regarding activity you wish to receive to your email. Uncheck unnecessary spam too, if you wish.
Note: Once you have checked wished activities, in order to stop receiving email notifications, it's not necessary you uncheck them... just click the mentioned "turn off" button.

Note: Do not forget to click on "save changes" button at the bottom of the page.

3-step tip to enable twitter email notifications settings

Email settings

Check your email account settings, just in case the emails from sender (twitter) are being blocked and/or sent to the spam folder, or to garbage directly. Sometimes, email clients can do weird things.
If you are using gmail, here tip to block/unblock unwanted emails
Regarding gmail, Twitter warns: "Filters and tabs: Calling all Gmail users! if you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at your Social tab for emails from Twitter."

Note: If you think the problem might be related to you email account, try changing it for another one or, simply, "Update your email address and confirm:" Read twitter

Twitter tips when nothing is working

If you’ve tried resending the email and you are still having trouble...

- Double check your Account settings to make sure your email is entered accurately. Make any necessary corrections and click save.
- Try changing the email address to an email address with a large domain (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Source:

Technical issue on your twitter account

Sometimes these things happen... you'd better contact twitter so that they are aware and may fix it.
Contact Twitter and fill a form here

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to view mobile version of a website on Opera browser for pc

Recent Opera browser versions (Opera 12 and above) allow easily to switch between mobile and web view of any site in internet.
This is very useful when you have a very slow connection and an old computer, mobile sites make surfing the net a little bit easier.

Method 1: Some sites allow you to view the mobile site just by entering http://m. or http://mobile. or adding ?m=1 at the end of the url.

Method 2: Other sites won't let you view the mobile site on old browser versions.
So, it's possible to change the user agent string on the browser and, when surfing, our browser we'll be detected as if was Android, iOS or Windows Phone...

Steps for Opera browser (older than version 12):
a. Type on address bar-> opera:config
b. Look for ISP-> Add any mobile user agent string. Examples:
- For iOS 8.2: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0 Mobile/12D508 Safari/600.1.4
- For Android 5.0.2: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0.2; XT1068 Build/LXB22.46-28) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.109 Mobile Safari/537.36
- For WP 8.1: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; Windows Phone 8.1; Android 4.0; ARM; Trident/7.0; Touch; rv:11.0; IEMobile/11.0; Microsoft; Lumia535) like iPhone OS7_0_3 Mac OS X AppleWebKit/537 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile Safari/537)

In order to check which is you user agent on your desktop browser: Enter, for example,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to download videos from sites like Twitvid, Ustream...

   Some people will wonder: And why on earth you wanna download a video? Possible answer (in my case): Because I have a very slow dial-up connection that does not allow me to watch or listen any stream. 
   First check that you can watch the video, if you can watch it, you have it!
Method 1: Every browser keeps a copy of everything you watch while surfing the internet in the Cache folder. First play the video and once it has stopped playing completely, go to that folder and locate the file, the size of the file can give you a clue. To watch the file just grag it over a good media player and that's all.
Method 2: This one is more complicated and it does not work always. I've just tried it with success on Twitvid, and Ustream.
You need a http sniffer like URL Snooper, Free http sniffer (this works on Win 9x). I used Free http sniffer.
- Open the Free http sniffer and click "Start"
- Open the page with the video in your browser (only have open this page)
and play the video. Once the vidoe has started playing you can stop the video and even close the web page.
- On the http sniffer go to file --> save as text file.
- Open the text file and search for: .flv or .mp4, copy the URL and paste it on your browser, you should be able now to save the video.
* In Ustream the URL ends in .flv, in Twitvid it contains .mp4, but it ends in a few more numbers.
Method 3: For this one you should have a very good internet connection in order to watch streaming perfetly. You can use a Capture Screen Video Recorder, like AviScreen (free). Previously to the recording you must set the video to full screen.
If this post has been useful to you, will you invite me to a pizza or a chocolate shake? :)

Easy ways to download a YouTube video

   * Video :
 Method 1: Use an online tool, there are many in the internet, the better ones to me are... (java needed), (no java needed), shareyoutubevideo (no java needed)
Method 2: Every browser keeps a copy of everything you watch while surfing the internet in the Cache folder. First play the video and once it has stopped playing completely, go to that folder and locate the file, the size of the file can give you a clue. To watch the file just drag it over a good media player and that's all.
   * Mp3:
 The easiest way to download mp3 from a YouTube video is using an online tool. I recommend: shareyoutubemp3, I this post has been useful to you, will you invite me to a pizza or a chocolate shake?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to fix Flash Player 9 for Internet Explorer

Adobe Flash Player icon

   I tried to install Flash Player Version 11 over Flash 9 and I got error about something related to Active. So, I installed again Flash Player 9, but Flash Player didn't work, the installation was not correct. Then, I realized that when installing an application you can always upgrade but you cannot "downgrade" without having uninstalled the app. What did I do to fix it?

   Things you should do before anything:

1. Keep a copy of the plugins of Flash Player you have in your browsers: Flash9f.ocx (optional) (in IE, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MACROMED\FLASH ), NPSWF32.dll (in other browsers. It can be found in the plugins folder of the browser app or in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MACROMED\FLASH). Anyway, you can find easily the plugin making a search in C:\ windows
    In order to view the plugins don't forget to check view all files: On the windows 98 main bar: view --> folders options --> view files --> Show all files

2. You should have the installation file of Flash Player 9 or the version compatible with your OS. As we are trying to fix the plugin for Internet Explorer, it must be the Active X version: "Install Flash Player 9 AX"
    * In order to view the plugins don't forget to check view all files: On the windows 98 main bar: view --> folders options --> view files --> Show all files


1. Execute the Flash Player unistallation tool You could find it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MACROMED\FLASH.
2. Delete the windows registry keys of Flah Player. You have to be very careful doing this, and remember that if you modify anything in the registry it's your responsability. Here I'm just explaining the steps that worked fine for me.
   Search "Regedit" in C:\WINDOWS and open it. Now click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then click Software, here click Macromedia: now right-click on Flash Player (keys for browsers which are not IE) or Flash Player Active (key for IE) and choose delete. Now you will have deleted the register keys Flash Player plugins for all the browsers in the computer, how I myself did, or only for IE, depending on what you deleted.
  3. And now we can install Flash Player AX. The files, probably, will be installed inside: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MACROMED\FLASH 

   Now just open Internet Explorer and check a YouTube video for example. If you can see the video Flash Player has been installed correctly!

   Is it all? Noooo! You must check that Flash Player in all your other browsers are working well too! If not... Just place manually a copy of NPSWF32.dll inside the Plugins folder of every browser. If you don't have this plugin in your computer you can find it in internet: search

   This is just a personal experience that I share in case it can be useful for anyone.

  * Location of files and plugins can vary according to your version of Windows (Use Windows "Search" to locate them).


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Portable Apps, so useful as they are

   Did you know that many apps have their portable versions to use with a USB memory stick? The advantage is they do not require any kind of formal installation onto a computer and the temporary files are stored in the USB drive.

   You can find a big list on the Wikipedia.

   Some browsers like Firefox (Firefox Portable), Opera (Opera@USB), Google Chrome... have their portable versions too, that's quite useful when surfing the net in a computer is not of your own, such as places like universities, cybercafés... In that way cookies, cache and history remain in your USB drive or are deleted after closing the browser, keeping your surfing data private (don't get confused with anonymous surfing)

   Respect to FF Portable you may need to install Flash and Shockwave plugins:

- Locate the plugins in your PC (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\)
- Copy the plugin you need from there to your FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins directory (For Flash, copy "NPSWF32.dll"... for Shockwave, copy "np32dsw.dll")

Monday, March 21, 2011

Good tips for Opera Browser


* To disable Opera's BitTorrent client:
- Type on your Opera URL bar -->
- Press "Enter", and
uncheck "Enable", click "Save", and BitTorrent is disabled.

* In order to use a third-party BitTorrent client, instead of Opera's BitTorrent client:
- Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Downloads
- Uncheck "Hide file types opened with Opera"
- Type "torrent" in the Quick find box
- Double-click the line that looks like this: application/x-bittorrent torrent (you can select to either use your system's default BitTorrent client -Open with default application- or define a preferred client -Open with other application-)
- This will not disable Opera's BitTorrent client, but it will associate Torrent files with your preferred BitTorrent client.


- Look for "speeddial.ini" file in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\profile
- Before editing it: Close Opera! (very important). And keep a copy of speeddial.ini before making any change.
- Open speeddial.ini and type on the bottom of the page:

You can choose the number of rows and columns at your ease!
- Click save to keep the changes.
- Now you can open Opera.


- Type on your Opera URL bar -->
- Press "Enter" and where it says "Speed Dial Search Type" set to 0


It's quite easy!, just click "Hide Speed Dial" (on the right bottom of Speed Dial)


- Start download again and save with another name.
- Stop transfer after few seconds.
- Delete new download file.
- Rename old download file with new name.
- Resume transfer.


- Look for "nppdf32.dll" in your PC (it's hidden in the Acrobat Reader Plugins folder)
- Copy it to Opera's Plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins).

- Now Opera will launch the Acrobat Reader when you use Opera to view .pdf files.

You can change the way Opera opens the PDF documents in Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Downloads. Edit the MIME type assosiated with pdf files to either "Use plug-in" or "Open with default application".


- Bookmark link of any good View Passwords Bookmarklet for Opera as the one you can find here or here.
- Open the login page with username and password (you can see yellow fields, if you really saved the password before), press "Wand button" on Opera toolbar or "Ctrl + Enter", and then "Esc" very quickly.
- Now click View Passwords bookmarklet on your Bookmarks.

There are free apps which do this work too, like "OperaPassView".


If you don't have the .ocx file, download it first by right-clicking and "save linked content as". Once you have the .ocx on your desktop, just drag it over Opera browser and accept the installation. Done!

More info on Opera Help and Tamil's blog

* TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL by Google. "Buenos consejos para el navegador Opera"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ways to download a video from YouTube - Maneras de bajar un vídeo de YouTube

  When you have a slow connection as a dial-up 56 kbps, the best option you have to see a video from YouTube or any other flash video is by downloading. Last weekend I needed to download a video and I came across that my flash downloader widget didn't work for YouTube videos, the reason was they hadn't fixed it after the latest YouTube update, so I started my research in the internet and I reached the following conclusions.

1. Using an online tool or browser widget like Flash Downloader (the best), it works with many other sites like RTVE.

2. Using a Bookmarklet supported by your browser, this is a good one: Right click on the next link and "Bookmark link" or "Add to Favorites--->  PwnYouTube

When you are viewing the youtube video page, click the bookmark or favorite and like magic a yellow stripe will be opened on the top page with links to download.

3. Just add pwn to the video URL, like this:

4. HandyCraft: The most complicated and slower.

Example:  (this the ID)

a) Search in the source code of the video page:  ""  On the left of that, it appears a code like this: "vjVQa1PpcFNezWwUOcdmmS3r_4obvXkBsqL9X_MSRE0=" (this code varies according to the video) 

b) Now we make an URL with the ID of the video (in green) and the code in pink found in the source code of the video page (do not forget the rest of the symbols in blue below)

c) Paste URL in your browser bar and Enter: vjVQa1PpcFNezWwUOcdmmS3r_4obvXkBsqL9X_MSRE0=

d) Do not forget to rename the file before downloading, adding the extension .flv 

5. Another way, let the video reaches the end (when buffered completed), distressing if your connection is very slow. Then go to the cache folder of your browser and find the file that corresponds to the video, rename it with .flv (The best way is to clear the cache before watching the video, and then sort files by size, perhaps the one of the video corresponds to the heaviest file.


  Cuando se tiene una conexión lenta como un dial-up de 56 kbps, la mejor opción que tienes para ver un vídeo de YouTube o cualquier otro video flash es bajándolo. El pasado fin de semana necesitaba descargar un video y me encontré que mi widget de flashdownloader no funcionaba con los vídeos de YouTube, la razón era que no había sido arreglado tras la última actualización de YouTube, así que empecé mi investigación en Internet y he llegado a las conclusiones siguientes.

1. Usando una herramienta on line o una extensión para el navegador como Flash Downloader (el mejor), que funciona con muchos otros sitios como RTVE. 

2. El uso de un bookmarklet compatible con tu navegador, éste está muy bien: Hacer clic derecho sobre el siguiente enlace y  "Añadir a Bookmarks" o "Agregar a Favoritos ---> PwnYouTube

Cuando estés viendo la página del vídeo de YouTube, haz clic en el marcador o favorito y, por arte de magia, se abrirá una franja amarilla  en lo alto de la página con enlaces para descargar. 

3. Simplemente añade pwn en la URL del video, de esta manera: ... 

4. Artesanal: La más complicada y lenta. 

Ejemplo: (es la ID del video) 

a) Búsqueda en el código fuente de la página de vídeos:
"" A la izquierda de ésto, hay un código como éste: "vjVQa1PpcFNezWwUOcdmmS3r_4obvXkBsqL9X_MSRE0 =" (el código varía según el video) 

b) Ahora hacemos una URL con la ID del vídeo (en verde) y el código de color de rosa del el código fuente de la página de vídeo (no olvides el resto de los símbolos en azul de a continuación) 

c) Pega la URL en la barra de navegador y Enter: vjVQa1PpcFNezWwUOcdmmS3r_4obvXkBsqL9X_MSRE0=

d) No olvides cambiar el nombre del archivo antes de descargar, añadiendo la extensión .flv 

5. Otra forma: dejar que el video llegue hasta el final (cuando termine el buffer), desesperante si tu conexión es muy lenta. Luego ve a la carpeta de caché de tu navegador y busca el archivo que se corresponde con el vídeo, y renombrar con .flv antes de abrir con el reproductor (Lo mejor es borrar el caché antes de ver el vídeo, y luego clasificar los archivos por tamaño, tal vez el del vídeo se corresponda con el archivo más pesado)

* References - Referencias:

* To warch flv files I recommend VLC player - Para ver archivos flv recomiendo vlc player