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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pope Francis and Rome mayor in Don Francesco e l'onorevole Marino

After all the beautiful messages of Love by Pope Francis during his visit to Washington, NYC and Philadelphia... a really tangled anecdote happened regarding the the Rome mayor Marino.

Pope Francis replies to question on plane back to Rome

As La Stampa reports, on the plane back to Rome from Philadelphia, stimulated by a question perhaps not coincidental, the Pope made it clear not to have invited the mayor in America and that he even had been informed by the organizers, ending up with attributing his presence to the fact "Marino professes Catholic" (not that "he is Catholic," but that "he professes". The translation by some international media, like yahoonews, was "he pretends to be Catholic"). Actually, Marino never said to have been invited by the Pope. In fact, since the beginning of the summer, everyone knew that the invitation had been delivered by the mayor of Philadelphia.

Pope Francis asked about Ignazio Marino, Rome mayor. Flight back to Rome after visit to US: VIDEO
Transcript in Italian with English translation:
- Journalist asks Pope Francis: "Il sindaco di Roma, Marino, ha dichiarato che é venuto all'Incontro delle famiglie, alla Messa, perché `e stato invitato da Lei... Ci dice com'è andata?" ("Mayor of Rome said he's come to the Meeting of Families, to the Mass, because he's been invited by you... how well it has gone?")
- Pope Francis: "Io non ho invitato sindaco Marino, chiaro?... Io non ho fatto e ho chiesto gli organizzatori e neppure loro lo hanno invitato... lui è venuto, lui si professa Cattolico ed è venuto spontaneamente... è chiaro" (I have not invited mayor Marino, okay? ... I didn't and I asked the organizers and neither they invited him... he came, he professes to be a Catholic and came spontaneously ... it's clear")

Note: Here, full transcript of Pope Francis' inflight interview from Philadelphia to Rome.

Rome mayor before Pope Francis's arrival to Mass of WMF in Philly. Source: dagospia

City Hall of Rome's press note

After that, as rainews reports, the city hall of Rome released a press statement saying Rome mayor had never said that he had been invited by Pope Francis to the Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, and that the trip to Philly was born in June from a meeting with Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter, and the Archbishop Charles Chaput. The note added that he had also had a meeting with Monsignor Paglia to talk about his presence in the Philadelphia event.

The radio phone joke to a Vatican Archbishop

During "La Zanzara" radio show (dagospia; theguardian), a fake Matteo Renzi (left-wing leader in Italy) phoned Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family.
Renzi-Paglia: pic via twitter
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council at #WMF2015: pic via twitter:

Fake Matteo Renzi talking to Monsignor Paglia on the phone: VIDEO-AUDIO
Transcript in Italian with English translation:
Mons Paglia: - ''Lui ci ha brigato. Ha cercato di sfruttare questa situazione, e questo fa imbestialire il Numero Uno. Certo che si è imbucato. Il sindaco è una brava persona. Però nessuno lo ha invitato. Io con lui parlai una volta, mesi questa storia il Papa era furibondo'' ("'He has used us. He tried to take advantage of this situation, and this really upset/enrages the Number One. Of course he has sneaked in/crashed the party. The mayor is a good person. But no one invited him. I spoke with him once, months ago ... about this story the Pope was furious").
Mons Paglia: "Quando era a Filadelfia ha insistito per vederlo e rivederlo, e questo ha fatto scocciare tremendamente il Papa. Deve avere delle cose da farsi perdonare, sta cercando appoggi. Queste cose fanno infuriare il Pontefice, con lui non funzionano. E mettono un bel freno al rapporto" ("When he was in Philadelphia, he insisted to see him and see him again, and this has made the Pope feel bothered. He must be in need to be forgiven for something, he is looking for support., but with him this doesn't work. And it makes a break in the relationship'').
Fake Renzi: ''If the Holy Father thinks I should act, I'll do''.
Mons Paglia: ''Lui non lo dirà mai. Però certo ha fatto una figura proprio da bischero. Poi con la fascia da sindaco, unico lì davanti" (''He (the Pope) will never say that. But certainly he's been a fool (mayor), then/besides with the Mayor ribbon, the only one there in the front row'').

Pope Francis and mayor Marino. Source: ilmessaggero via twitter

Searching for the truth

Did Rome mayor Marino sneaked in the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia?

According to archphila (1 Sep 2015), the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family included an International Mayors Forum in the World Meeting of Families Congress... Mayors participating included: Puebla (Mexico); New Orleans; Philadelphia and... Mayor Ignazio Marino, Rome, Italy.
Who's the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family? Monsignor Paglia.

Who invited Rome mayor?
Himself replied via twitter "Thanks to @Michael_Nutter and @TempleUniv for inviting me, thanks to Temple for covering my travel costs to PHL. Thank you, people of Philly!". He spoke via Fbook about the controversy. This was later confirmed by the spokesman for Philly mayor: "mayor of Rome was indeed invited to attend the Pope's visit by the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, and Archbishop Chaput" (iltempo); and by Temple University via twitter.

Who paid Rome mayor's travel?

A spokesman for Temple University: "The Temple University has covered the cost for transport (plane and train) and not accommodation to Marino... accommodation was paid to one of the staff members (huffingtonpost).

What did the Vatican say about this anecdote?
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi: About the Pope... "Il giornalista doveva verificare prima quanto stava chiedendo. Il Papa ha risposto per quel che sapeva" ("The journalist should check before about what he was asking. The Pope has replied according to what he knew"). (corriere). About Monsignor Paglia... “Those statements are not the Vatican's position... Statements made by a private conversation - obtained with unacceptable deception - can not express in any way the position of the Holy See” (theguardian)(lastampa)

What did Rome mayor say later on?
About the question made by a journalist to Pope Francis during the flight Philadelphia-Rome, Rome mayor said: "To the question of my journey to Philadelphia I would have not replied..., I would have said... 'That's not the purpose of the press conference'...". About the radio interview to Monsignor Paglia by a fake Matteo Renzi..."I don't express opinions about bishops who have the duty of healing our consciences" (huffingtonpost).

Rome mayor at Temple University conference: pic via twitter
Archb. Chaput and Archb. Paglia embrace, opening press conference WMF: pic via twitter
Sitting from R to L: Nutter (Philly mayor), Mons. Paglia, Archb.Chaput: pic via twitter
Rome mayor with NYC mayor Bloomberg: pic via twitter
Rome mayor with governor of Pennsylvania, before Papal Mass in Philly: pic via twitter
Aretha Franklin singing for Pope Francis, Papal Mass in Philly: pic via twitter
Photo joke Pope and Marino in the plane: pic via twitter
Cartoon/vignette Rome mayor Marino: pic via twitter

This song came to my mind and, changing the chorus lyrics a little, suits just for the case... ;) "It's my party and I invite if I want to, invite if I want to..."

: Popes are human beings that may fall in trap questions by the media, sometimes information may be real dis/mis-information, and Rome mayors may be gossip topic in a credible joke-phonecall of a radio show involving the Vatican.

: The title in Italian (translation "Sir Francis and the honorable Marino") makes reference to the film: Don Camillo e l'Onorevole Peppone (1955).

Friday, May 16, 2008

When a wonderful world?

I had some reflections when Katrina hurricane destroyed a good deal of the always jazzy New Orleans, and about the paradox of the american soldiers killing in Irak instead of being where they should have at that moment in which their ameican citizens needed their so useful help.

What kind of an intelligent president is someone who thinks that the best way to finish with a diactatorship is by declaring war and destroying the country of that poor submited people? Don't they have the their famous intelligence services?; Wouldn't have they used a real intelligent strategy repecting international laws and human rights to save that people without destruction and no killing anybody?, Haven't they seen a spy film?

As all these reflections have not caducity date,

My proposal is:

- Let's stop making damage one another.

- Let's stop the war in Irak, and all the wars in the world.

- Let's stop, we riches countries to sell weapons to poor countries, so that they can kill each other better, meanwhile we are in our ranches, in our jachts, in our commercial centers buying and buying in an egoist way; let's stop hypocrisy.

- Let's join us to make life beautiful for everyone.

- Let's join to care for nature and to prevent people and things from suffering natural disasters.

- If every rich country take care for one poor country, they wouldn't flee from their homes risking their lives and they'd start to work and build up their own countries and, in that way, there would be just rich countries.

Monday, November 27, 2006

When A World in Peace?

Last night, I watched a documentary on TV about the "It Had Never to Happen War In Irak", supported by the thoughts from great writers and best persons such as Saramago. One of the scenes was the one of american soldiers with their powerful dangerous guns going into the house of a irak family and making them going out of the house with their hands up and ordering them to kneel down on to the foot; you just had to see the terrorized crying suffering face of one of the little girls; then I started to cry deeply, wondering myself why we've let them do all this, and I wonder and I will keep wondering the existence of that dirty business of arms and bombs, just for the good of Humanity destruction. Who could have thought that in order to rescue a country you had to kill its people?; oh, I see, this is similar to another question: Who could have thought that in order to save a wood from fire you just had to cut all its trees down?

However, I wanna be optimistic, as I think a world with no arms factories, and no wars therefore, it is possible; just the day polititians and all humanity worry about health and respect to Human Being and Nature we will have a World in Peace.