Monday, November 27, 2006

When A World in Peace?

Last night, I watched a documentary on TV about the "It Had Never to Happen War In Irak", supported by the thoughts from great writers and best persons such as Saramago. One of the scenes was the one of american soldiers with their powerful dangerous guns going into the house of a irak family and making them going out of the house with their hands up and ordering them to kneel down on to the foot; you just had to see the terrorized crying suffering face of one of the little girls; then I started to cry deeply, wondering myself why we've let them do all this, and I wonder and I will keep wondering the existence of that dirty business of arms and bombs, just for the good of Humanity destruction. Who could have thought that in order to rescue a country you had to kill its people?; oh, I see, this is similar to another question: Who could have thought that in order to save a wood from fire you just had to cut all its trees down?

However, I wanna be optimistic, as I think a world with no arms factories, and no wars therefore, it is possible; just the day polititians and all humanity worry about health and respect to Human Being and Nature we will have a World in Peace.


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