Saturday, October 22, 2016

The importance of being Paella

First of all we must say that "paella" is the name of the pan recipient (in Valenciano language/dialect), very similar to "padella" that means pan in Italian. In Spanish the word for pan is "sartén". However, if we refer to the round and flap one to make a paella, we would say "paella" or "paellera" (paellera is rather used out of the Valencia community, because in Valencia it would be referred to the woman who makes paella).
Most of people in Spain make a paella that it's not the Valenciana one. The tradition on the way of making the paella depends on the different mediterranean regions and what grandparents would make according to what the land and sea had to offer.

In my experience, the paella would have green and/or red peppers (and other vegs), no green beans as in Valencia; with only chicken, with chicken and seafood, or only with seafood (clams, prams, scampi, squid, mussels). A true paella must be done outdoors on wood fire; that way and with family or folks would be the ideal conditions.
We must say that the most important thing in a paella is rice. The vegs and chicken/seafood must be present accompanying the rice and not the contrary.
Surely someone from Valencia might say that only the Valenciana one can be called paella :) But the rest of Spain eat paella too!
in every town, in every family, the paella is made in a specific way, with its personal touch.


Ingredients it may have: garrofón (a big white bean that can only be found in the zone of Valencia), flat green bean, chicken, rabbit, tomato,
artichoke, saffron. It's optional adding snails. Some add also sweet papikra and/or garlic.

Video 1:
Chiva (Valencia) - Watch video, via España Directo
Video 2:
Chiva (Valencia) - Watch video, via Aquí la Tierra


Ingredients it may have: chicken, seafood; green/red pepper, tomato, garlic (some prefer with onion),
artichoke, peas, saffron, sweet papikra.

Video 1:
Las Negras (Almería) - Watch video, via Aquí la Tierra
Video 2: Nerja (Málaga) - Watch video, via Aquí la Tierra
Video 3: Calasparra (Murcia) - Watch video, via España Directo


- The ingredients of Almería video are cuttlefish, red peppers, onion, red prawn, tomato, sweet paprika.
- The Nerja video takes place at the same beach and restaurant that appears in an episode of tv series Verano Azul (1981). The owner of the restaurant (in the video) appears also in that episode of the series.
- The Calasparra video shows several types of paella.

Other pictures:

- Paellas made on wood fire, via twitter
- Paella with seafood, via twitter
- Paella Valenciana made indoor (blog with pictures), via twitter

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Game of Thrones fans and the HBO Now issue: Fix

Not bein' a Game of Thrones follower, not even an hbo watcher, has not prevented me from realizing many fans of the series were not able to see the premier of the 6th season. A particular case was the following: after subscribing from an Android phone on the app via iTunes, it was not possible to watch on the computer (we are assuming via During my research to find a way that fixed this, I found out that most recent subscribers had a 'Renewal Loop' issue, and that HBO had just published some steps that could help to solve it.
A curiosity that Game of Thrones fans might want to know is that Season 5 and Season 6 has been filmed in Spain. Read report (language selector on page).

La Alcazaba in Almería becomes Dorne (Season 6). Source: twitter1, twitter2


How to subscribe:
The subscription to HBO Now is only available at the moment though iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets, and connected TVs). You must download an app. More info.
Note: When you don't have a phone at all... if you have a Windows PC, with Bluestacks it's possibble to install Android apps on a PC. Unknown if apps that need any kind of payment would work.

How to watch:
- Once you have subscribed, you should be able to watch via app or via browser on linked devices like computers (compatible devices).
- It's also possible to stream in multiple devices at the same time, more info
Note: You can also stream/mirror your Android screen to computer or tv set, via makeuseof, unknown if it works with hbonow.


New subscribers are experimenting:
No confirmation email from HBO. Signing into the "App" or "Online Site ("---> "Restart or Renew now for unlimited access" message. Source: reddit

Fix for Android devices:

Note: Follow these steps only if you have an active HBO NOW subscription (or a recently started free trial).

METHOD 1 (no need uninstall app & register again)

Sign in (Renew pops, close it) -> Settings -> Sign out-> Click 'I don't have account' (Don't enter info) -> Scroll to the bottom, Click "I have an account" -> login again

Source: Comment 134 via


Step 1: Remove and reinstall HBO NOW (info how here)

Step 2: Link your profile and subscription
- Open the HBO NOW app and sign in using your HBO NOW email and password.
- Tap the Menu button and then tap Settings.
- Scroll down and tap Sign Out.
- Tap "Don't have an account? Register here". If you don't see this option, make sure that you have an active HBO NOW subscription through Google Play (ingo how here).
- Tap Already have an account? Sign in.
- Enter the email address and password for your HBO NOW profile. Your HBO NOW profile and subscription should now be linked.

Step 3: If Steps above didn't resolve the issue, a little patience and...
Contact (Subject: Renewal Loop). Do not forget to include: Your HBO NOW email address, Your name, Your subscription provider (i.e. Apple iTunes or Google Play), What device(s) are you using. A copy of your subscription purchase receipt.


Fix for iOS devices and connected TV:
Read steps
here. Unofficial workaround by someone who got it to work on both iPod and Mac here

This would be a temporal fix while HBO gets their bugged app fixed. Hope this article may be useful to someone, and enjoy Game of Thrones!

Monday, November 23, 2015

The way to forgiveness

We live in a world where resentment and revenge are part of the daily life: in the news, in social media, in the street... People who hurt, intentional or unintentionally, people who feel hurt and heartbroken... many times people, trying to defend ideas they consider are the best, feel hate towards those who don't agree or have other points of view, many times people fight with earch other or are unscrupulous and not kind.

The intention of this article is to give some light and hope when we feel hurt because of something, someone, or even because of ourselves. These are quotes, comments and words related to this topic I've come across through social media for the last four years. Forgiveness might have been introduced in the world by Jesus and became base of Christian religion together to Love. Some quotes and words by Pope Francis are included in this article as well.

Everybody that feels sorry, showing repentance and desire of being forgiven, deserves and must be forgiven. Love is the base of forgiveness.

"Eye by eye makes the whole world blind" - Ghandi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
- Dalai Lama via twitter (27 May 2013)

What is Love? "Love is acceptance and forgiveness" via twitter (20 Sep 2011)

This comment is very interesting too: "I have been teaching full time in China, Malaysia, Thailand, India and the Philippines for the past 8 years. I always ask my students which is greater, honesty or kindness. They always respond by saying that truthfulness is important, but so is kindness, placing it higher. This is Confucian philosophy", via jw blog

"God always forgives us. He never tires of this. It’s we who get tired of asking for forgiveness" - Pope Francis

"The cross of Christ: a word that is mercy, love, forgiveness" - Pope Francis

13 March 2015, radiovaticana -- Pope Francis: homily with announcement of Year of Mercy:
Lk 7:36-50 About love and judgment.
This woman expresses her desire of being forgiven. And Jesus demonstrates God’s love for her, just for her!
Love and forgiveness are simultaneous: God forgives her much, everything... For her, a new season now begins; she is reborn in love, to a new life.
There will be no judgment except that which comes from God, and this is the judgment of mercy.
Jesus pushes each of us never to stop at the surface of things, especially when we are dealing with a person. We are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see how much generosity everyone is capable. No one can be excluded from the mercy of God.

Guided Healing Meditation on Forgiveness: video (not checked) via huffingtonpost

"We are here to heal, not harm, We are here to love, not hate, We are here to create, not destroy" - A Douglas Williams.

"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love" - Bryant H. McGill

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Open woman to the world

Source: wikimedia

Playing one of those old recorded videotapes, came across with a pair of performances of a TVE music program called "Música Sí". This one is from a duet called "Amistades peligrosas" whose female singer is Cristina del Valle, also an activist for women rights and peace around the world. The performance is from 1998. The song makes reference to all those women who are forced to wear a veil that covers their face and/or body against their willingness. Official video.
This song could be also a metaphor about all those women who suffer any kind of abuse, manipulation or discrimination by men.

Performance on tve: watch video
Quítame este velo

Voy dejando palabras en el viento
para que alguien oiga desde lejos mi lamento,
piso un suelo que algún día espero
sea diferente por todos los que ya han muerto


Y si callo, lágrimas... y si hablo, lágrimas....
y si callo, lágrimas... y si hablo, lágrimas, lágrimas...

Quítame este velo, porque quiero ver el cielo
romper el silencio, y poder hablar sin miedo.
Quítame este velo, porque lo deseo y quiero
ser igual que tú, sin vivir en un destierro

Vivo un tiempo tan confuso y pienso
que me quedo sin razones para comprenderlo,
¿por qué tengo que esconder un cuerpo,
no tener un nombre, ni el más mínimo derecho?


Quítame este velo, porque lo deseo, sola yo no puedo
quítame este velo,
que está matando mis sueños

Amistades peligrosas

Source: wikimedia

Translation by The Blogger Around

I am leaving words in the wind
for someone to hear my lament from afar
I step on a ground that I hope someday
will be different for all those who have already died


And if I am quiet, tears... and if I speak, tears....
And if I am quiet, tears... and if I speak, tears, tears...

Take away this veil because I want to see the sky,
to break the silence and speak without fear.
Take away this veil because I wish and want it,
to be like you, without living in an exile

I'm living such a confusing time and I think
that I run out of reasons to understand;
why do I have to hide a body,
not have a name, not even the slightest right?


Take away this veil because I wish, I can't by myself/alone
Take away this veil,
that it's killing my dreams


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tips to enable Twitter email notifications that stopped coming

If you ever noticed that your twitter email notifications suddenly stopped arriving to your email account... check these tips.

Twitter settings

Go to: ... You must pay attention to 3 things:

1. "Smart setting" button:

It seems, since 2014, Twitter added this button, which may be turned on by default. "We've cut back the number of email we send to you about activity... to keep your inbox lean." Click: "Turn off smart setting" if you want to add back emails...
Many comments in twitter were aware of this issue:
- "Oh hey, @twitter. Did your "smarter email"... stop my email notifications, despite me having them selected?..." via twitter
- "So, the reason I’ve not been getting any email @twitter notifications last few days is they ‘upgraded’ to ‘smart’ settings & didn’t tell me" via twitter
- "@Twitter Since "Smart Settings" was rolled out, ALL email notifications have stopped; others reporting same bug, even w/ email enabled" via twitter
- "If anyone is wondering why their Twitter email notifications changed, check yr settings. They moved mine to "smart settings" for no reason" via twitter
- "Pro tip! Turn off the evil "smart" setting on your Twitter email notifications for your settings to actually apply" via twitter

2. Emails notifications turn on/off button:
The button, located on the top right of the page, must say "turn off" (which means it is turned on). In that way email is enabled.

3. Activity boxes
Check boxes... whatever email notifications regarding activity you wish to receive to your email. Uncheck unnecessary spam too, if you wish.
Note: Once you have checked wished activities, in order to stop receiving email notifications, it's not necessary you uncheck them... just click the mentioned "turn off" button.

Note: Do not forget to click on "save changes" button at the bottom of the page.

3-step tip to enable twitter email notifications settings

Email settings

Check your email account settings, just in case the emails from sender (twitter) are being blocked and/or sent to the spam folder, or to garbage directly. Sometimes, email clients can do weird things.
If you are using gmail, here tip to block/unblock unwanted emails
Regarding gmail, Twitter warns: "Filters and tabs: Calling all Gmail users! if you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at your Social tab for emails from Twitter."

Note: If you think the problem might be related to you email account, try changing it for another one or, simply, "Update your email address and confirm:" Read twitter

Twitter tips when nothing is working

If you’ve tried resending the email and you are still having trouble...

- Double check your Account settings to make sure your email is entered accurately. Make any necessary corrections and click save.
- Try changing the email address to an email address with a large domain (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Source:

Technical issue on your twitter account

Sometimes these things happen... you'd better contact twitter so that they are aware and may fix it.
Contact Twitter and fill a form here