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Friday, November 28, 2014

Good news for Loving Annabelle fans: Confidential, by Katherine Brooks

There are good news for all the fans of Loving Annabelle!... Its director, Katherine Brooks, is making another film that will bring that same true love spirit to the big screen.
The new project is titled "Confidential", a love story between a female psychiatrist and her female patient destined to be together. This project is very special because, in some way, Simone and Annabelle live in these two women.
Katherine Brooks is already raising funds to make this movie with the help of family, friends and fans, and all the people who believe that art can change the world.
If you haven't seen Loving Annabelle yet, I recommend you do it, and then you go to support the making of Confidential.
Independent movies are much over that glamorous superficial Hollywood world because they search mainly for imagination and the passion of the creative process, they are like wonderful pieces of art. When an artist focuses on the creative process, the production of a film gets beyond any manufactured movie where money and popularity plays an important role. Truly independent films are like a handcrafted piece of art which the artisan makes with much love and dedication, caring for any little detail. It's passion and imagination what creates the artist.
"Since I made Loving Annabelle, I have wanted to make another movie about a connection between two women" -Katherine Brooks

Confidential trailer

Edited: 12 Nov 2015

Monday, August 22, 2011

Face 2 Face in motion

A journey to hope: Watch video
This video was made in Aug 2011 to support Face 2 Face project while the documentary was being filmed. Images were shared by director Katherine Brooks during her 3 month summer journey through the US.

The contest: Watch video
This one was made in Sep 2011 for a contest, the prize was a trip to be with Face 2 Face director in the Shorty Awards ceremony (March 2012), where she was awarded as best film director. Images belong to videos shared during the Face 2 Face filming journey.
Note: It was the first editing video experience to me... and I have to say it was not an easy task at all.

Another version from the previous one: Watch video
Created in May 2012 to support again Face 2 Face so that it could be premiered the most places in the world as possible.

The secret of Lady Gaga head:
Watch video
Cartoon with pictures that tells a story of why director Kat Brooks carried that object during all her Face 2 Face journey. It has some jazz music.

Note: Images of those videos might not appear in the documentary, not watched it yet...

Published: 10/11/2015

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And the Face 2 Face Adventure goes on!

Katherine Brooks is currently filming the documentary called Face 2 Face. This summer is touring the United States to meet 50 strangers who were in his list of nearly 5,000 Facebook friends. She has already met 25 of the 50, and the journey goes on towards the West!

How did the Face2Face project start? One night, in April 2011, she had an idea. After having had a hard time post-surgery, she went emotionally deep down, and despite having lots of Facebook friends, she felt very lonely and disconnected, and she really needed to hug and meet people face to face (Face 2 Face). That night, she wrote on his Facebook wall: "The first 50 people who say yes I am coming to your city to spend the day with you and film it as a documentary". Instantly she began to receive lots of replies from people who said yes. Next morning, the Kickstarter campaign began to get all the funding needed to carry out the project. Their facebook friends and twitter followers immediately started to donate in a generous way. The challenge was to achieve a minimum of $ 50,000 before May 5, which many viewed as impossible. In the first hours, more than 1000 $ were already donated. The Kickstarter project would not have been successful without the commitment and dedication Kat put on, the courage she transmited, and the faith and hope she had all the time; and all thanks to the people who were supporting it with donations, tweets, retweets, facebook, art related to Face2Face... In fact, not only she managed to get to $ 50,000, but more than $ 80,000 were donated.

On June 5, she began his adventure by car that will run until early September. And as there are so many fans who want the project to become international that it is possible she continues the adventure in other countries.

Since the project Face2Face Movie began, I've had the opportunity to meet an incredible and wonderful human being who gives off love, peace, joy and hope to everyone who stops for a moment to deepen in her soul and see beyond prejudices. She's a person with a great humanity, those which are scarce in our so selfish society, who leaves her trace in the hearts of all who know her.

"If u want to achieve your dreams help someone else achieve theirs... I feel so blessed to have discovered Face 2 Face which has connected me to such beautiful souls. I can't tell you enough how your love and support has lifted me from the ground and I've been flying ever since. I'm eternally grateful to my F2F family" - Katherine Brooks

Edited and republished 12 Nov 2015

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Katherine Brooks starts the Face2Face Movie journey

The intrepid film director Kat Brooks has started her journey and adventure through the United States to meet 50 random strangers she had among her nearly five thousand Facebook friends.
The trip began yesterday from Indiana on a touareg car and is scheduled she travels a good part of the states that make up this great country. She will shoot during all her way and the best stories will be part of a documentary film.
People who pre-order the dvd will have access weekly to a private link in order to watch a streaming of the best moments of the week.
Besides, the people on the road who take a photo of one of the bar codes pictures on the car will get some rights when entering the movie site.

face2face trailer

Edited and republished 12 Nov 2015