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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The mystery of flight MH370: Pings, Maldives and other facts

From the first moment the disappearance of flight MH370 became a mystery, and saw pictures of passengers or crew's kids praying and expressing in social media their wish for daddy to come back home, I decided I had to research and get deep into the News.

MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8 at 00:41 local time (16:41 UTC/GMT) and mysteriously didn't arrived to its scheduled destination, Bei Jing 8 March 6:30 local time (7 March 22:30 UTC/GMT). It is said it had fuel for approx 8 hours.

This article has no intention of conspiracy, but to clear and mention facts and events happened since March 8 that could be important to find the plane and all the people who travelled in it. With the Hope the people in the plane are found safe and sound, let's try to explain details that can be of interest.

The Pings by the satellite Inmarsat

What is a ping? It's a handshake between the aircraft and the satellite ground station.

14 March, The Guardian
"Such pings are only received when the normal data transmission is not operating, once per hour.
The pings indicated that its communication system was still working, but not transmitting data."

“When the system is not transmitting or receiving data on the aircraft, it will send network signalling info to establish that the aircraft satellite communication is switched on, to say that the system could communicate"
“The ping doesn’t say anything other than that the satellite communications is functioning.”
"Such signals would not transmit location but can indicate a position and distance relative to the satellite which could give a guide to a rough direction of travel over several hours.

The information would support theories that the plane’s system was deliberately switched off”

Can the pings give information about speed and altitude?

The info about this is contradictory...

14 March, The Guardian
- "The WSJ reported: The satellites also received speed and altitude information about the plane from its intermittent “pings”. The final ping was sent from over water, at a normal cruising altitude."
- "An Inmarsat executive told NPR’s Frank Langfitt that the pings received by its satellites would not include data on altitude or a plane’s position."


1 April, Malaysiakini
“We don't know what altitude the aircraft was travelling at. We don't really know the speed it was going,” Houston, head of the search for Flight MH370, was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald.

Can the pings help us to know the final position of the plane?

19 March, The Washington Post
- "By measuring how long it took for the handshake signal to return, as well as the angle at which it hit the satellite, investigators believe that's where the plane could have been at the point of the final ping."
- "MH370 could have avoided radar installations in Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan."
- "We still don't know what happened afterwards. It could've turned north, or it could've turned south."

Some radar data:

14 March, Reuters:
"An aircraft that could have been the missing plane was plotted on military radar at 2:15 a.m., 200 miles northwest of Penang Island off Malaysia's west coast. The fact that the aircraft - if it was MH370 - had lost contact with air traffic control and was invisible to civilian radar suggested someone on board had turned off its communication systems."
Malaysia military radar: Last detection in Malacca Strait (Penang), 2:15 local time (18:15 UTC/GMT).

Navigational waypoints:
- Igary 1:21 a.m. Then it turned sharply westwards
- Vampi (northeast of Indonesia's Aceh province)
- Gival (south of the Thai island of Phuket). Then it headed northwest.
- Igrex 2:15 a.m. On route to Andaman Islands.

Flight path based on military radar. Orig source: Reuters, via twitter

18 March, The Huffington Post:
"Thailand’s military said Tuesday that its radar detected a plane that may have been Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 just minutes after the jetliner’s communications went down, and that it didn’t share the information with Malaysia earlier because it wasn’t specifically asked for it. It detected a sigmal of a plane flying in the direction opposite from the MH370 plane, back toward Kuala Lumpur. The plane later turned right, toward Butterworth, Strait of Malacca. The radar signal was infrequent and did not include any data such as the flight number."

5 April, Malaysiakini (Update 7 April 2014)
"... 'The aircraft did not make a loop, it is not true,' Director-general of Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) said.
Recordings of the Malaysia military radar had indicated the possibility that MH370 could have made an air turn back to KL International Airport (KLIA). The diagram released by the Ministry of Transport however showed that MH370 made a sharp turn, and not a loop as claimed by several parties. He also commented on the cooperation with Boeing Company, saying the aircraft manufacturer also joined the search team to trace the location of MH370."

6 April, CNN (Update 7 April 2014)

"A senior Malaysian government source told CNN that Flight 370 flew around Indonesian airspace after it dropped off Malaysian military radar. The plane may have been intentionally taken along a route designed to avoid radar detection, the source said. Officials have concluded that the passenger jet curved north of Indonesia before turning south toward the southern Indian Ocean. Its path took it around Indonesian airspace. The plane did not fly over Indonesia or its airspace, the source said."

Pings related to MH370: Source Wikipedia: //

- First of seven automated hourly Pings: 2:11 local time (18:11 UTC/GMT)
- Last complete Ping: 8:11 local time (00:11 UTC/GMT)
- Last partial Ping (it is still being studied): 8:19 local time (00:19 UTC/GMT)
- Unresponsive hourly ping attempt: 09:15 local time (1:15 UTC/GMT)

March 9, New Straits Times (Update 7 April 2014), archive
"A BOEING 777 pilot, who was flying 30 minutes ahead of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, said he established contact with MH370 minutes after he was asked to do so by Vietnamese air traffic control... 'We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1.30am and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace. The voice on the other side... I was sure it was the co-pilot. There were a lot of interference... static... but I heard mumbling from the other end. Those on the same frequency (including vessels on the waters below) at the time would have heard the exchange'..."

Official statements said 1:19 local time (17:19 UTC) are the last moment it was possible to contact with the cockpit and when the last words by the co-pilot were heard.

Timeline of main events. Original source:

Could MH370 have been flying over Maldives?

Maldives (// are a series of islands located in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea area. This archipelago consists of a double chain of twenty-six atolls, oriented north-south.

Maldives. Source: WashingtonPost (pic), via twitter & twitter2 (pic)

Now, let's focus on real facts and reports.

18 March, IBTimes
"Authorities investigating the flight simulator found in the home of the captain of the missing Flight MH370, had found five practice runways located in the Indian Ocean.
The simulation programmes are based on runways at the Male International Airport in Maldives, an airport owned by the United States (Diego Garcia), and three other runways in India and Sri Lanka."

18 March, Haaveru, archive
"Several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo saw a "low flying jumbo jet" at around 6:15am on March 8. They said that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it. The aeroplane was travelling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives - Addu. They also noted the incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise.
Satellite data suggests that the last ping was received from the flight somewhere close to the Maldives and the US naval base on Diego Garcia, Haaveru reported."

18 March, MinivanNews (Update 7 April 2014), archive
"... “I saw a flight flying very low and it had a red straight line in the middle of it. The flight was traveling north-west to south-east” a teacher at Kudahuvadhoo school, told Minivan News."

19 March, MinivanNews (Update 7 April 2014), archive
"Malaysian Minister of Defence has been informed by Maldivian authorities that rumoured sightings of Malaysian flight MH370 over Kudahuvadhoo are false.
“Regarding reports that the plane was sighted in the Maldives, I can confirm that the Malaysian Chief of the Defence Force has contacted his counterpart in the Maldives, who has confirmed that these reports are not true,” Hishamuddin told the press today."

Maldives, a path to the West. Source: twitter

18 March, IBTimes (map)
"The Maldivian government issued a statement saying that the country's military and airport radars had not seen the flight. However, it should be noted that a large airplane, by flying at low level, could easily escape detection by radar"

26 March, Haaveru, archive
"Unknown object found in Baarah in Haa Alif Atoll of the Maldives is "very likely" to be a fire suppression bottle from an aircraft, local aviation experts said. It was found washed up at the beach on Monday, the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) on Wednesday said it was not an explosive device. But the army did not specify the nature of the object."

Fire suppression bottle in Maldives beach. Source: haveeru, via twitter

A few comments in social media suggest pictures of the object might have sent to Boeing, nothing official.
We must also mention no popular main media has reported any further update about the eye witnesses in Kuda Huvadhoo (Maldives) so far, not even about the mysterious likely part of a plane found in a Maldives beach.

View of Kuda Huvadhoo by NASA. Source: wikimedia

27 Mar 2014
VIDEO: // Interview with eye-witnesses in Maldives and report about the object.
Great phone interview and real good work by John Holloway from Los Angeles, CA.

2 Apr 2014, Maldivesfinest
"We have not gotten any additional information about the possible fire suppression bottle found washed up on Maldives beach. It is now rising questions why the authorities are not releasing updated information on this object. Are they simply trying to ignore the fact that an object possibly belonging to MH370 has been found? Why have not they said anything so far?"

We don't know if the plane could have landed or just flown over Maldives? But all possibilities must be researched, studied and investigated in order to find the plane.

(Update 4 April 2014)

During the last days we've been wondering why the main Media have not been reporting any further information about the events in Maldives. RT's article (
// suggests just what's been moving around in the collective unconscious.

4 April, RT (Update 4 April 2014)
"March 13, came Rolls Royce’s surprise announcement that the Boeing 777’s two Trent engines had been running for five or so hours after the plane was ‘lost’. Then on Tuesday, March 18, came reports from a small Maldives newspaper 'Haveeru' that half a dozen islanders had first heard and then seen a ‘jumbo jet’ flying very low.
Both these stories were greeted in the international press by an avalanche of denials from government, military and other ‘expert’ sources, none of whom could possibly have known whether or not the Rolls Royce or the Maldives Islanders were correct or not. This massive and instantaneous reaction is the clear signature of an Information Operations campaign to stop publication and broadcasting of those stories to the world’s public and it largely worked.
On the other hand, Rolls Royce is the star of the piece, exposing an enormous flaw in the initial ‘lost plane’ theory: that MH370 flew on for over five hours. Airliners in trouble simply do not fly on for five hours and then plunge into the sea."

4 April, FZ (Update 7 April 2014)
“When asked about pictures being sent to Boeing, the spokesperson said that he can’t confirm that and he does not have any additional update"

(Update 10 April 2014)

10 April, Malaysiakini
"The United States denies the conspiracy theory that the missing jetliner is at its Indian Ocean naval base Diego Garcia. "The speculation that passenger Philip Woods had sent a photo message from Diego Garcia is not true... There is no sign that MH370 flew anywhere close to the Maldives or Diego Garcia" an unnamed spokesperson for the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said to the daily newspaper Sinar Harian. The spokesperson added that US only provides information upon request and Malaysia has not requested for data from US satellite located in Pine Gap, Australia."

Many have been the voices claiming for further investigation and information during the last weeks about the eyewitnesses and the likely Boeing 777 part in the Maldives. A US Embassy spokersperson has suddenly declared the possibility of MH370 flying close to Maldives or Diego Garcia is untrue.
Most people might wonder now:
- Why the American Embassy has had to say MH370 has not flown close to the Maldives?
- Why have not they mentioned, on the way, anything about the likely Boeing 777 object found at a Maldives beach?
- Why the US has not offered unconditionally and kindly the data from US satellite located in Pine Gap, Australia to the Malaysia authorities?
Another question rising is: if CNN dares to speculate and report about unconfirmed data regarding MH370, would CNN be able to interview and report about the eyewitnesses and the mysterious object in Maldives?

Smoke from the North Sentinel Island: Just a strange coincidence?

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.
Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer related this on his blog:
"Most days I check out the global MODIS imagery at the NASA Worldview website (//, and today I zoomed in on North Sentinel Island, in the Bay of Bengal. Looking through recent days, I noticed a plume of smoke starting on the afternoon of Saturday, March 8. Ever since then, there has been smoke evident on most of the days, through yesterday, and it seems to emanate from the north side of the island.
I doubt that there is a connection to the missing flight, which would be a real shot in the dark. But it is a strange coincidence."

Map view 2014-03-13:
- 20km; 91.242º, 11.685º
- Base layers (corrected reflectance): true color aqua modis unchecked; true color terra modis checked.

Smoke from North Sentinel Island. 13/3/2014. via twitter; twitter2

What has all this of strange?
A group of indigenous people, the Sentinelese (//, live on North Sentinel Island. There is no evidence of either agricultural practices or methods of producing fire.
The Sentinelese reject any contact with other people, and are among the last people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization.
"They can husk coconuts with their teeth, and use fire, which they hide and guard jealously because they do not know how to make it. So far, the Indian government has banned all visitors to the island and forest areas where the aboriginals live", Independent reported in 1993.

We don't know if the smoke coming from that island was from a fire the Sentinels had been guarding. We don't know if the plane could have landed there. But, this is really a curious anecdote that deserves a mention, as at the beginning of the MH370 investigation it was believed the plane's route could have been towards the Andaman Islands.

21 March, DailyMail (Update 7 April 2014)

"Malaysian woman on a flight across the Indian Ocean claimed to have seen an aircraft in the water near the Andaman Islands on the day the jet disappeared, at 2.30pm on March 8, several hours after MH370 vanished. She insisted she saw a silver object in the shape of an aircraft on the water as she was flying from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur"

Another Boeing with issues in Asia

April 1, event mentioned in social media:
Flight KLM836, a boeing 777 travelling from Singapore to Amsterdam diverted its path to Bangkok. The landing was successful, and the flight was delayed to depart as KLM836D on April 2.
The news spread in social media.

@flightradar24: "KLM flight KL836 from Singapore to Amsterdam is diverting to Bangkok".
@[A passenger]: "There was a fire alarm in the cargo hold, fire was extinguished, fuel dumped and safely landed at BKK. All passengers disembarked".

It seems passengers have received a letter from KLM explaining the cause was a fire warning in one of the holds. However, there is still no confirmation of real fire on board or false alarm.
We've been searching for News in the internet about this event, but still again the Media seem not to consider this fact as something that deserves a mention. Notice it's another Boeing 777 like MH370, and that Singapore is very near of Kuala Lumpur.
The importance of this news is that we don't know if MH370 might have suffered from a similar issue. Anyway, in the case of KLM radio communications seem to have worked perfectly.

KLM836 diverting from Singapore to Bangkok. Source: FlightRadar24

Questions continue to arise about the mystery of flight MH370

Did it ended in the Indian Ocean?

13 Mar 2014, "Confusion from start"

13 Mar 2014, "Search for Malaysian plane may extend to Indian Ocean: U.S."

While Inmarsat distances itself from the conclusion MH370 "ended in the Indian Ocean", as Malasyakini (// reported, and The Ocean Shield, fitted with the Towed Pinger Locater, is due to arrive in the search area on 5 April (StraitsTimes), many people have given up assumptions and are starting to wonder where the plane really is.
Other questions related are: Is Inmarsat sure the plane detected by the satellite is flight MH370? Do the radar echos from a satellite in the search area near Perth belong to a plane?

What happened just after the last words "Good night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero"?
The 2 minutes time between: 1:19-1:21 local time (17:19-17:21 UTC/GMT) are of real importance in the investigation of the causes that could make the plane disappear.
Here we have three facts happened during that time, just after the last words from the cockpit "Good night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero":
- Air controllers turn changed from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City.
- Plane turns back, changing direction and flying at 12,000 feet towards Malacca Strait.
- Communication loss with the plane and transponder going off.
It's not clear the order of the events during those 2 minutes and whatever else happened during those two minutes keeps being a mystery.

Was the disappearance of flight MH370 an intentional act?
The theories and hypothesis that have been circulating in the Internet and social media during the last few weeks are many. Some of them belong to the world of politics and conspiracies, and as assumptions are not the intention of this article, we are not talking now about them.
However, I would like to mention how much curious the fact of the flight number seems.
370 could mean "March 7 null". It could indicate the date of a plan and its consequences, this is, the disappearance of the plane. If we read the last words "Good night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero" we can see those three numbers too.
We have to take into the account that when the plane took off it was still 7 March in the western countries, and that I would have still been 7 March if it had arrived to Bei-Jing (in the time of western countries).
It can mean nothing or it can mean something. We really don't know.

Have satellite maps expert had a look at the maps of day March 8?
One thing I've noticed is, if I'm not wrong, Tomnod volunteers have not been looking at the maps of that day. I think it would be very interesting those maps were watched in detail in order to locate MH370 at the moment when it took off, when suddenly turned back... in this way we will be able to follow its path. Not sure if this is technically possible.

Let's keep together with the good work

- All the countries, governments and investigators involved in the good work, with honesty and truth, in order to find this plane. Your work matters.
- All the thousands of people who are sailing and flying through stormy seas and freezing fog to help in the search of the plane. Your work matters.
- All the millions of volunteers from all around the word who are watching and tagging maps on Tomnod and Mapbox to help in the search of the plane. Your work matters.
- All the people who are researching, sharing and trying to understand with their little knowledge, wisdom, News sources and intuition in order to find the plane. Your work matters.
- All the people who are spreading true and real facts through the Media to help in the search of the plane. Your work matters.
- All the people who are spreading the word in social media asking for accurate information and truth to help in the search of the plane. Your work matters.
- All the families of the passengers and crew who, despite their suffering and loss, are living with hope and faith the mysterious disappearance of their loved ones. Each and every one of you matter, and your hope and faith give us strength to keep on researching and searching in order to find the plane.
- All the people who pray for MH370. You and your prayers help and matter a lot.

If we can get something positive of the MH370 mystery is just this: It has brought us together, we all from different countries and cultures all around the world, to work together for good that is to find a plane and all the people who travelled in it. Let's keep the good work and let's keep working together.

We must never lose hope to find the plane and a sensible suggestion would be, apart of keeping with the search, to start the research from the beginning just when the plane's path was missing. And also look at the possibility the plane could have landed at one of the numerous islands the Indian Ocean has: It's not only Maldives and Diego Garcia, the Indian Ocean and all the oceans are huge, it's also Andaman islands, the Solomon islands,...

And supposing the Maldives residents would have really seen the plane, is it usual the loud noise, or could it indicate the plane had already any breakdown?
And please do not use mh370 for political confrontation, let's focus and keep the good work on the search of the plane and the people.

Update 7 April 2014

Pulse signals heard coming from near the Indian Ocean search area

Apr 5, Malaysiakini
"Both Xinhua and CCTV reports that the Chinese vessel Haixun 01 has detected a signal pulsing once a second at a frequency of 37.5 kilohertz, which is consistent with a black box pinger. It's located at 25 degrees south latitude and 101 degrees east longitude - an area in the Indian Ocean off Australia. Links between this signal and MH370 is yet to be confirmed"

April 6, CNN
"In the search for the plane in the Indian Ocean, a Chinese patrol ship Haixun 01 picked up two signals, one on Friday and another on Saturday, that were only 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) apart, authorities said. The pulses registered by the Chinese ship are of particular interest because they came in an area that fits with the latest calculation by experts of roughly where the plane is likely to have entered the water. A number of white objects were spotted floating on the surface of the water about 90 kilometers (56 miles) from where the sounds were detected"

April 6, Malaysiakini
"Two ships and an aircraft will be tasked to investigate the signal that the Chinese patrol vessel Haixun 01 detected yesterday: the British hydrographic survey vessel HMS Echo, Australian vessel ADV Ocean Shield, and a Royal Australian Air Force aircraft.
Ocean Shield has also detected an ‘acoustic event’ at a separate part of the ocean and will investigate this first before continuing. No details are available regarding the sounds detected.
Houston also announced that new satellite analysis have slightly revised MH370’s likely flight path, suggesting that it had flown a little further before hitting the water."

Haixun 01 position via MarineTraffic 5 April

April 7, Malaysiakini
"Ocean Shield has detected signals in the Indian Ocean, consistent with that emitted from a black box, in its search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. "Two distant pings returned were audible. Significantly, this would be consistent transmission from both the data flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder", Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) chief Angus Houston said. The signals were picked up twice in the last 24 hours. Ocean Shield picked up the signal for two hours and 20 minutes before losing contact and making a turn around to reacquire the signal. "The second detection on the return round was held for approximately 13 minutes," he said. Houston described this development as the "most promising lead" and "best information" so far. He explained that MH370’s incomplete ‘handshake’ with an Inmarsat’s communications satellite had occurred when the aircraft had just run out of fuel. This handshake took place at 8.19am."

April 7, New Straits Times, archive
"Separately, the Chinese Ship Haixun 01 has also detected similar signals twice.
'As far as survivors are concerned, it has been our priority. As I have always said to the families miracles do happen and hoping against hope that there are survivors', Hishammuddin said."

Ocean Shield position via MarineTraffic on AMSA search area charts

Update 9 April

Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Ocean Shield detected two more ping signals yesterday at 4.27pm and 10.17pm. They lasted 5 minutes 32 seconds and 7 minutes respectively.

9 April, Malaysiakini
"JACC chief Houston said analysis on the ping data showed that they were 'not of natural origin but likely sourced from specific electronic equipment consistent with the specifications and descriptions of a flight data recorder'. 'The signal we picked up recently is much weaker. Either we are a long way away or, more likely, the black box battery is starting to fade". "Searching underwater is laborious. The more we can do on surface with towed pinger locators to fix location of the transmission, the less work we have to do below the surface'. JACC has decided that it won't deploy an underwater drone to investigate until there are absolutely no more pings."

9 April, JACC
"The underwater search continues today, with ADV Ocean Shield at the northern end of the defined search area, and Chinese ship Haixun 01 and HMS Echo at the southern end."

Pinger detections and search area. Source: twitter, twitter2

Update 10 April

Important data about the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370 are beginning to be revealed.

10 April, Source: CNN
- "The last words from the cockpit 'Good night, Malaysian three-seven-zero' were pronounced by the pilot, and not by the co-pilot as it was previously said."
- "It is believed MH370, after disappearing from military radar, dipped in altitude to between 4,000 and 5,000 feet and that the dip might have been done to avoid any kind of detection or as part of an an emergency maneuver."
- "Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) sent a plane in search of flight MH30 around 8 a.m., before authorities corroborated data indicating that the plane turned back westward. But the air force did not inform the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) until three days later, March 11."
- "A search plane has detected another possible acoustic signal, the fifth so far, that will require further analysis in order to be confirmed."

Let's keep on praying with Faith and Hope. #PrayforMH370