Monday, May 29, 2006

Viva the people who defend Nature !!

I've seen on tv that a singer I don't have the pleasure to know, her name is Joan Baez, is sitting on a tree to defend a farm-garden from demolition, and that other people like the actress Daryl Hannah has joined to her in her fight. I just wanna say that I'm also joining to them, from the distance, with all my heart. It was very emotional to see her with her guitar singing :" No nos moverán...".

It's a great shame what we are doing in our cities, just building and building and in the end we are destroying ourselves, as we, without Nature, are nothing. My heart is in pain every time I see that all the country, olive trees, almond trees... sorround my home have been replaced by lots of buildings, even now they are building close to, on to the little mountain in front of my home..., oh dear!.

All my support for you that defend Nature, we will win !!, I'm sure of that,



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