Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet Murmur of the Evening

This is a song whose melody has kept in my mind since I ever heard it in the 90's for the first time. It sounds really sweet and beautiful, I even dared to make my own version with the guitar changing the lyric. At last!, I've guessed something more about the song. Although it was composed by one of the Rolling, it was recorded first by: Marianne Faithfull "As Tears Go By" (1965).
And here a live version by the spanish and mallorquina (from Majorca) diva singer Maria del Mar Bonet "Dolça remor de cada tarda"  (Sweet murmur of the evening), at the theatre Liceo in Barcelona (2008).

Update 19 Feb 2014:
There is a new version recorded by Franco Battiato & Antony Hegarty

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