Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too Marvellous for Words

   "Too Marvelous for Words" is a beautiful jazzy song written by Johnny Mercer and composed by Richard Whiting. It was first published in 1937.

"I search for phrases to sing your praises
But there aren't any magic adjectives
To tell you all you are

You're just too marvelous, too marvelous
For words like glorious, glamorous
And that old standby amorous
It's all too wonderful, I'll never find the words
That say enough, tell enough
I mean they just aren't swell enough

You're much, too much and just too very, very
To ever be in Webster's dictionary and so
I'm borrowing a love song from the birds
To tell you that you're marvelous
Too marvelous for words"

   *Search for videos:

The King Cole Trio (1946): Wonderful of course

Doris Day (1949): Always fantastic                           

Frank Sinatra (1956) Whoever not?

Diana Krall (2009) Sweet Sweet Version

Ricardo Baldacci (2007) I came across his version on YouTube. He's from Brazil


Productos Ecologicos said...

Very nice.

baldacciblues said...

Ooops, I've just googled myself and I found that I was mentioned in your blog!

Thanks for doin' this.

You can find more stuff from me at

The Blogger Around said...

What a surprise! I came across with your video on YouTube, there's nothing better than just a voice and a guitar or a piano. Thank you so much for your message!

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