Wednesday, October 12, 2011



   ¡Feliz día de la Hispanidad para toda América!, la del Norte, la del Centro y la del Sur. Con todo cariño.

   Happy day America!, North, Center and South. With much Love.

   This is a beautiful song written and composed by Jose Luis Perales, one of the best Spanish musicians.  


Me hueles a merengue y a bolero
a caña y a café
me hueles a corrido y a charango
carnavalito y miel
Me hueles a maracas y a guitarra

a gaucho solitario y a sabana
a piel morena y sal

Me hueles a canela y a bananas
querida siempre y siempre maltratada
soñando libertad

América, América
me hueles a guayaba
a cordillera helada
a tierra verde
y lluvia tropical
me hueles a pradera
y a eterna primavera
me hueles a futuro y libertad

Me hueles a tabaco y a manises
a dátiles y a ron
me hueles a emigrantes que se fueron
cantando una canción

Me hueles a torrente y a quebrada
a sangre campesina derramada
para tu libertad

Me hueles a mujer enamorada
querida siempre y siempre abandonada
soñando frente al mar

 - JL Perales  

América (English Translation)

You smell of a merengue (music type) and bolero (music type)
  of coffee and sugar cane
  You smell of corrido (folk mexican song) and charango (small five-stringed guitar)
  of carnavalito (folk dance in Argentina) and honey
You smell of maracas and guitar,
  of lonely gaucho (cowboy in Argentina) and savannah
 of brown skin and salt

You smell of cinnamon and bananas
forever loved and mistreated
dreaming freedom

America America
You smell of guava green
of icy mountain range
of green land
and tropical rain
You smell of meadow
and eternal spring
You smell of future and freedom

You smell of tobacco and peanuts
to dates and rum
You smell of emigrants who went away
singing a song

You smell of torrent and stream
You smell of peasant shed blood stream
for your freedom

You smell of a woman in love
forever loved and abandoned
dreaming in front of the sea

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