Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Influence of Electromagnetic Waves on Health and Nature

   How electromagnetic waves affect health in relation to geographical factors: 
Houses located in granite areas accumulate large amounts of radon gas, which is carcinogenic, and the incidence of lung cancer is high in those areas. Radon gas can exist in any area, although most abundant in the granite, so it is essential to ventilate houses.
On the other hand, the place where the house is can influence our mood. We could talk about the existence of 3 kinds of places: relaxing, euphoric and depressive. We must avoid spending much time in the most negative of the house, avoid "Hartmann crossings." How can we know where there is a crossing of Hartmann? One way is to use dowsing rods (they are metal and L-shaped), hold them without moving and walk around the room, at the moment there is a crossing Halmark (because the muscles of our arms will have contracted slightly) will produce a closer and even a cross rod, according to the intensity of electromagnetic energy concentrated in that area. If you have pets: cats often choose the most negative to our health as her favorite place, however dogs often choose the most positive. It is important also the orientation of the bed should be north to south. It has been found that most of the animals are guided instinctively N to S to sleep. Many phenomena considered "paranormal" are a consequence of the concentration of electromagnetic waves which produce resonance in an object or being which contains the same wavelength. An example would be: we have a violin and play a string sound that has a specific wavelength, the waves travel across the room and placed the violin in the other corner of the room will also sound or resonate because, having a string of the same wavelength we play with his hand, made wavelength resonance (In physics this phenomenon is known as Electromagnetic Resonacia, which is nothing in the physical principle underlying the Nuclear Electromagnetic Resonacia Imaging diagnosis is used both in medicine) 
   Electromagnetic waves are harmful to health? There is much contorversia about it. The reality is that there are studies that say so. What happens is that they have as much publicity as the estuidios to the contrary. The economic interests of large telecommunications and technology companies are so big they could expliacar why advertising is ma studies that say they are not harmful. One study saw how subjecting mice to mobile phone waves for 3 hours a day were changed to 150 brain proteins. When you alter a protein also alters the function for this protein. This means that electromagnetic radiation could alter brain processes. Another study looked at how the neurons were destroyed contained in a petri dish after receiving waves from a mobile phone for 3 minutes. How might this happen? Very simple. It was thought that cells communicate chemically (by neurotransmitters), and electrically, but now we have seen that also communicate electromagnetically. 
Electromagnetic waves inhibit melatonin, a hormone naturally synthesized at night when we sleep. This hormone has an important antioxidant that prevents cell damage.
   Devices that emit electromagnetic radiation (from 800 Mhz up is when it starts to be harmful to the organism): computers, mobile phones, DECT wireless phones, telecommunications antennas, microwave ovens, wireless keyboards and mouse ... The closer your body is the device much worse, it is recommended to put the device far from our body and use handsfree or headset. 

   Nature is ill: It is said that since WiFi networks are everywhere in our cities we are causing many problems to Nature: It is believed that could cause the disappearance of bees, withering fall flocks of birds, the disease of many trees turning yellow. And all for the phenomenon of resonance, if the water or blood or any substance that is part of a bird is a wave of the same resonance wavelength would and could be causing it to fall to the ground without explanation. 

   How can we protect ourselves? 

Avoid using wireless devices that operate by radio frequency.
Use external keyboard and cord mouse to the computer. 
Use wired Internet connection, avoid WiFi, 3G ...
Use your mobile phone as little as possible and in any case, away from the head and the body (headphones or hands free)
At home, avoid using DECT cordless phones, which are worse than the signal emitted by mobile phones, DECT emit during 24 hours, excepting the ECO models (they work like the mobile phones emitting only when you call or receive call and in stand-by from time to time) 
There are chances of isolating the house to radiation, but I imagine that it must be a major investment. Don't live near electrical transformers. 

What better can help is by taking antioxidants found in fruits and organic vegetables
Others recommend a salt lamp.
Others have cactus near the computer ... (It is not clear that protect today given the high intensity waves have surrounding us) 
We also recommend turning off the power grid during sleep, there are some devices that connect to the light box to facilitate connection and disconnection is operated as a light switch)
Place the bed N to S, avoid TV and computer in the bedroom, and unplug the other devices at bedtime. 
Ideally, a geobiological study in the house before buying it, or when there are health problems.


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